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Q - What is the maximum occupancy for the villa?
A - The maximum number of occupancy at the Villa is 6.

Q - Is the Villa suitable for children?
A - The Villa is suitable for children; however we strongly recommend parental supervision in and around the Villa and the pool area.

Q - Are pets allowed in the Villa?
A - Toby is our resident dog is well behaved and friendly.  Therefore no pets are allowed in the Villa.

Q - Is smoking allowed in the Villa?
A - Smoking is permitted, however not in the bedrooms.

Q - Is bed and bath linen included in the price of the Villa Rental?
A - Yes it is.  If you’re staying for more than a week, the bed and bath linen will be changed every 3 days or as and when required.  Towels are provided for the pool and beach.

Q - What is the balance due and how can I pay?
A - A non-refundable deposit of 30% of the property rental is required to make your booking.  The balance of payment must be paid at least 8 weeks before your rental period.  For your complete safety and security we prefer payment through PayPal.

Q - Where and when do I collect the keys for the Villa?
A - Our housekeeper lives in a separate Apt. on site.  She will be available to meet and greet you and provide you with the keys on arrival.

Q - Is a maid cleaning service provided?
A - Yes.  There is a daily housekeeping service

Q - Does the satellite TV have English speaking channels?
A - Yes. There are over 20 English speaking channels including CNN International and Headline News, CBS/NBC/ABC, National Geographic, Discovery, E! Entertainment, but to name a few.

Q - When is the pool cleaned?
A - Twice a week.  The pool maintenance staff will try to clean the pool as quietly and discreetly as possible so as to not disturb your stay.

Q - Will I have to bring a hairdryer with me?
A - No. One is available for your convenience.

Q - Will I have to bring a travel iron with me?
A - No. A full size ironing board and iron is provided for your convenience.

Q - Is there internet access at the Villa?
A - Yes, High Speed internet is available.

Q - Is there a grocery store in the neighbourhood?
A - Yes, within 5 minutes walk there is a bakery, fresh juice bar, Pizza Hut and a local mini-market.  In addition Kong Fui Supermarket is only 2-3 car minutes ride which you may seen on your way to the Villa.

Q - Is there a safe available at the Villa?
A - For your convenience a safe is available in every bedroom.



Q - Do I need a passport to visit Aruba?
A - Yes. A valid travel document of at least 3 months more than the return travel date of your ticket is required. For a complete guide to the Entry Requirements please go to (www.aruba.com/about/entryrequirements.php)

Q - What are the driving license requirements for Aruba?
A - It varies from one car hire firm to the other, but the minimum age is 21 and maximum is 70.  You must be in possession of a valid license held for at least two full years and in Aruba you drive on the right hand side of the road.

Q - Will I need to bring a travel adaptor with me?
A - The electricity is 110 volts, 60 cycle AC, the same as standard in the US.  Visitors from countries with other types of electrical systems will need an adaptor.  However, the beauty of staying at Aruba Rainbow Villa is all your electrical appliances are catered for.

Q - Is the water safe to drink?
A - Aruba boast the world’s second largest saltwater purification plant which produces pure, refreshing water and is completely safe from the tap!

Q - Should I exchange my money for local currency?
A - Aruba has its own currency the Aruban florin and is pecked against the US $ at an exchange rate of $1.77 to the gilder.  The approximate rate for British Sterling Pound is £1.00 equals Afl. 3.50. The US dollars are accepted virtually everywhere along with major credit cards and traveller’s checks.  Some stores and restaurant do not accept US $50 and $100 bills due to world wide counterfeiting.  Visitors from other countries may exchange currency at banks but traveller’s checks and credit cards may be more convenient.  For your convenience a ATM machine is within walking distance from Aruba Rainbow Villa, right next to the Bright Bakery.

Q - What is the legal drinking/gambling age?
A - The legal age for both drinking and gambling is 18.

Q - Do I have to save any money at the end of my holiday to pay any airport fees?
A - A departure tax of US $35.00 per person is required to be paid when leaving the Island.  However, the tax is usually included in the ticket price so please verify with your airline or travel agent.



Q - Are transfers provided?
A - Not by default (as we would recommend that you arrange for a hired car to be ready for you at the airport).  However, transfer from/to airport can be provided if required.  Please make this known at the time of booking.

Q - Can you recommend a car hire?
A - Dollar Rent a car is available ( www.dollararuba.com ) and our contact there is Michael.  Jeep rental is also available.

Q - Is there a local bus service?
A - Yes, please visit (www.arubus.com) for further information.